Construction and/or Creation of Online Content

While reading the assignment of Construction and/or Creation of Online Content, I was reminded a considerable amount of the ignite talk in which i touched upon multiple changes that are necessary to bettering our education system, and to even go further, better our overall society. The article discusses the necessity of online creation and construction, and how an expression or love for a particular topic can be enhanced by the developing (creation and construction) of an online source. While it is always a necessity to create and to have the freedom to create, to go a step further and construct, “is equal parts inspiration and perspiration. Construction calls on creativity as well as persistence, flexibility, and revision. Construction asks our students and teachers to focus on the power and patience employed during work process…and not just the final resultant work product.” The idea of construction takes it a step further to show the development of the creativity, rather than just the creative concept itself. This can be brought into classrooms, similarly as Professor McVerry has, taking the creative concepts and ideas we have about educational topics and presenting them in ways that truly make us think and construct. For example, in my current class I’m writing this blog for, EDU 106, we use blogging, video creation, video warps, memes, and ignite talks to present our ideas in a constructive way. With the development of this blog, I have been forced to go beyond my past barriers and think about education in different ways and how I personally seek to change the system. We can take the argument of constructing online content rather than just creating it or even just viewing already created content in order to further our knowledge and understanding in new ways, and I think this can open a whole knew world for education.


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