An Abundance of Annoyances

All my writing has basically become an abundance of annoyances streamed together on a free website for all my viewers (all four of you including Professor McVerry), and I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed them. To all of you: I continue to add to the abundance of annoyances. This one going out to how to become a teacher. Now, I picked Southern strictly for being known to produce well teachers. Two of my favorite teachers ever from high school went to Southern, so I figured what the hell, I’ll be happy to save some money instead of paying an unnecessary $62,000 a year at Quinnipiac. Anyhow, I was discussing possible future internships with teachers at my old high school when it came about that Quinnipiac students who are seeking a teaching degree at Quinnipiac mostly intern at local schools such as North Haven High School and Cheshire (just two examples of other possibilities). My main question is: why do we sanction off sections for students to intern in? To be quite honest, I don’t ever remember having a Southern student interning at my high school. It was always quiet, dinky, my-mommy-and-daddy-are-paying-for-my-education type students who were too pretentious to teach average students (they always wanted honors or AP) and were too afraid of below average kids who weren’t as fortunate to have support systems who pushed them to succeed academically, or simply had an interest in something else. I have also been informed that Southern predominately does their internships at the surrounding urbanized or inner-city schools such as Hillhouse and Career who have a different culture in terms of their proximity to the city and the different life that kids may be accustomed to indifference to the suburbs. My suggestion is to intermingle the too experiences. One is not more beneficial than the other; They are just different environments that every future educator should be ready to walk into. Southern should experience inner-city schools and suburb-involved schools and the same should go for Quinnipiac. We should all spread a little love and share.


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