A Ridiculous System We Deem Acceptable

Usually I try to steer clear of writing about issues solemnly bashing SCSU, but in this instance, it’s absolutely necessary. I’m writing in the present tense because in this particular instance I’m about to discuss, I cannot seem to get away from it or find a well-founded solution. The topic of today’s rant is Course Registration: yes, the one thing every single Southern student hates because of our schools inability to provide a viable system in which provides each student with ease in a time of such stress. Let me tell you something, Southern, I already passed blood sweat and tears attempting to schedule all my necessary courses for next semester (which by the way, are all Tuesday/Thursday classes, so well done with that), and i don’t need the rest of the problems that come along with the lack of technological fluency you’ve induced. After a mind-numbing experience trying to create a schedule that worked for me, I was finally content; That was until I was forced to wake up at 5:30 in the morning in order to punch in a series of numbers to pick my courses for next year. Nevertheless, Bannerweb and myscsu still failed me. My advisor did not tell me I needed departmental permission to take EDU 200. Something in which she should have done or told me during my meeting with her (but I’m over that because she’s nice and we all don’t always think of everything). It was also partially my fault for not playing it safe and asking her when i wasn’t too sure, but whatever. So i went to register this morning and it prevented me from doing so because some secretary somewhere didn’t know I existed yet. So between nine emails and a series of stalking the office hours of my advisor, I was finally able to get an acceptance from whoever that secretary is, and I will be able to register for the class mid-morning TOMORROW. Now, lets just hope no eager little freshman come running into the 7 last spots in the only time slot that fits into my painstakingly down-to-the-last-second schedule, because at that point I will give up and become a hobo. Southern, this is a PSA from every SCSU student around. Sincerely, just another number.


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