Why Physical Education is Still a Necessity

I just want to go on the record by stating that I was by no means a lover of P.E. during middle or high school. I actually despised it, and only now in college am I seeing the necessity of Physical Education.  At NHHS, we had a general P.E. freshman and junior year, however sophomore year we had a program elective called “Project Adventure” which was an outdoor P.E. class learning how to climb and do obstacle courses. Outside of Project Adventure, I hated P.E. and thought it was a waste of time, using a valuable block that could have been used for studying. Also to go on the record, I had nothing against exercising. I was a varsity competitive cheerleader practicing for three hours a night every night during the week all year for four years. But being the serious student that I was I would have preferred taking an additional English class rather than doing ab workouts at 9:30 in the morning after my first block math class. HOWEVER. I have had a major 180 change on how I feel about P.E. P.E. teaches individuals how to continue maintaining healthy choices and fitness even after high school and how to truly beat the freshman 10. During my freshman year I have valued and taken the skills from Freshman P.E. and inserted them into my daily routines. P.E. also is extremely important because for a designated period students are allowed time to be active and healthy when in most days it’s hard to find other times, and this allows students to prioritize and value healthy decisions and exercise.


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