Online Reading Comprehension Observations

Within the observations I made between student A, a student with weaker reading comprehension skills, and student B, a student with stronger reading comprehension skills, I noticed some major differences mainly between locating information and critically evaluating this information. When it comes to locating the information in order to research, Student A had a great misunderstanding about what to research and had to have it clarified and repeated multiple times. Student A shows a strong basic skill of taking the topic given by Susan and copying it from the chat into the tool bar of the search engine, providing results for the topic being searched. However, Student A does not look at the brief descriptions under the website links before choosing one to inquire that may have the most information, but instead, clicks on the first link at the top which has nothing to do with the topic. Student A is quickly distracted by the pictures of puppies on the page and does not receive any information. Student A then goes back to the search engine and clicks the second link, again without reviewing the brief description, and takes information on asthma drugs on sale to treat. Student A shows weak signs that they have been taught to properly inquire information off the internet, and should review basic skills to research. Student B, however, contrasts greatly, showing signs to find out the information being researched. Student B, similarly to Student A, copies the information from the chat into the tool bar, but proceeds his research quite differently. Student B reviews each source on the search engine before picking the right one to research, as well as copies each search URL to save them for later and site his references. Student B continues on to strongly evaluate the websites, looking at all aspects of the websites such as ads, comments, and the amount of information given, in order to evaluate the credibility and value of the website. When asked to find the author and their credentials, Student B asks questions and finds the authors name at the top, discovering that she works for the website’s company. Student B states that she seems to be an unofficial expert, and clicks on her bio to inquire more about her credibility and experience in the field. Similarly, Student A is able to find the authors name and find their bio, but is not able to evaluate that she may or may not be a credible source on the subject. Student A does not evaluate the website, but again, gets distracted by ads and pictures instead of the value of the information and comments given. Through the abilities of two students, we are able to inquire the differences between two learners and how one may need assistance to reach the goal of the other, for learning abilities are different for everyone.


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