A Lack of Individualized Learning

It took me until Junior year of high school for a teacher to finally give a shit about me. To be quite honest that is an embarrassment for the education system. No student should have to admit that they felt like just a number, but unfortunately that is the truth. My U.S. History teacher my junior year in high school taught me so much about the future teacher I hope to be, by individualizing tests and projects to individual preferences and needs to improve learning statistics, making the class valuable and memorable for students. Since his class, I have come about very few teachers or professors who share this same method in order to improve learning. For example, I was forced to drop a class this semester because of a professor who refused to help or change his way of teaching because he was defensive and arrogant. He truly believed that there was one way to learn and it was off of the one way he taught, and this was unconventional for most. The biggest flaw in my eyes that the current education system has, both secondary and college, is that there is no individualized learning or room for growth. I personally believe the best way for growth is to read and understand material, and be given an open response or way to show an understanding for that material in any way a student pleases to maintain a group of students who learn the best way they feel they can.


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